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The Revolutionary EZGrip Graphics Non-skid Print Media Is Here!

EZGrip Graphics is a one-step print and install floor graphics material for smooth indoor floors. It is constructed from a unique semi-rigid polyester-based substrate with a specially-formulated slip-resistant GRIP coating resulting in a high-performance, award-winning floor graphic print media that is far superior to traditional vinyl floor graphic material.

No More Frustration From Flimsy Vinyl Films!

The frustration from using two-part flimsy textured vinyl films are a thing of the past. EZGrip features a slip-resistant printable surface that meets ASTM slip-resistant standards. EZGrip floor graphics print media is a sheeted semi-rigid substrate that will not shrink or stretch during production nor installation.

Fast & Easy Floor Graphics Production

The Problem: Many vinyl films & overlaminate can take up to 24 hours to relax and stabilize to atmospheric moisture. Additionally, you must wait for inks to cure prior to lamination. This takes up space, adds significant production time and increases risks of damage and wrinkling. 

Because EZGrip is a stable semi-rigid substrate, it is much less sensitive to these atmospheric conditions. EZGrip is ready to print right out of the box. Since EZGrip does not require an overlaminate, production is complete in a fraction of the time. When printed with a UV flatbed printer, EZGrip is ready for installation waiting!

Superior Image Quality

The Problem: With may vinyl textured overlaminates, graphics often have a loss in image resolution and image quality. Colors can also become muted and less vibrant due to the nature of textured overlaminate.

EZGrip features a print-receptive coating. Since the slip-resistance is formulated directly into our coating, this results in a non-obstructed and crisp vibrant print. 

Unsurpassed Durability

By nature, vinyl films can easily tear, stretch and disfigure. And those are just the challenges of installation! Once installed, vinyl is also very susceptible to damage from shopping carts, stocking carts, floor cleaning equipment...even heavy pedestrian foot traffic, especially high-heels and boots.

EZGrip was engineered to solve these problems. Our low-profile, sheeted polyester-based substrate is very difficult to tear, does not stretch nor disfigure. Our specially-formulated adhesive is designed to keep graphics in place even in the the toughest locations like:

  • Grocery & Convenient Stores
  • Airports
  • Train Stations
  • Shopping Malls

Even when exposed to heavy pedestrian traffic, rolling suitcases, shopping carts...EZGrip Floor Graphics withstands these harsh conditions better than anything on the market. So bring on the high heels, bring on the shopping carts because EZGrip Floor Graphic Material is here! 

Time is Money

Producing floor graphics made from vinyl can be time consuming and laborious to produce. It's difficult to apply & remove, has inconsistent quality, varying degree of adhesives, inferior slip resistance and very temperamental. EZGrip is reliable, durable, easy to print and even easier to install. This results in both time and cost savings that make EZGrip an undeniably better value!

EZ Print, Peel & Stick Installation

There's no complicated installation process to follow. Start with a freshly cleaned floor that's free from dirt, oil and debris...then you're only seconds away from a long lasting printed floor graphic that can last for months! Simply peel back the adhesive liner, align your floor graphic and stick.  A quick roll with a rubber j-roller and you're done! No heat, no certified installer, no headaches. That's why we call it "EZGrip"!

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